Thursday, December 9, 2010



i feel like flying in the sky , i feel like swimming in the ocean
i feel like i'm on the highest mountains ,i feel like i'm on cloud nine
when we talk
you look at me in the eyes but you can't see that my heart is pounding so fast
you speak to me with those delicious lips but you don't notice that i'm biting mine
your sweet smile drives me insane,my love
your voice calling my name is the sweetest music i have ever heard
you keep giving me mixed signals all the time
why won't you come and wrap me in your arms?
you leave me wondering,why won't you come and tell me you like me?
maybe because you don't ?! oh no,it's because you're with her!
do you even like her?! do you laugh with her like you do with me?!
do you talk to her like you talk to me?!
because it seems like you spend more time with me than you do with her
no one made me smile like you did for a while now
I have felt this way before and i know what it means
but i'm afraid i might lose you too
i want to get closer with all my heart but i can't
i wish i never met you but i'm glad i did
my life isn't as boring as it was before because of you
but i don't want to get hurt instead
just tell me,do you now have feelings for me?!
and you start to think again about her
do you think we should be together like i do but you're scared
i wish but i'm only dreaming
questions ticking on my mind but answers might make it explode
i want things to go to the better but i'm afraid it might go to the worse